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Ion Exchange

Redox flow batteries (RFBs) have emerged as a promising energy storage solution to address the challenges of intermittent renewable energy sources and grid-level storage. Their ability to store large amounts of energy for extended periods, coupled with their flexibility in supporting grid stability and reliability, makes them an essential component of a sustainable energy future.

Among the crucial components of RFBs, membranes play a vital role in defining system performance, sustainability, and versatility.

Embracing sustainability through the adoption of fluor-free membrane alternatives, and enabling customization to meet specific customer needs, RFB technology can unlock its full potential as a sustainable and efficient application-centric solution for the energy challenges of the future.

We invite you to embark on this common journey, where membranes join forces with your vision to reshape the world of energy storage.

Our Product

MIONEX Membrane

Redox flow batteries hold tremendous potential as a scalable energy storage technology with decoupled energy and power characteristics. Central to their functionality is the membrane, which separates the positive and negative electrolytes while enabling selective ion transport.

Learn more about the criticality of membranes in RFBs and the impact they have on various aspects of system operation.