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At MANN+HUMMEL Water & Membrane Solutions, prefiltration technology is the starting point of our innovative solutions. Prefiltration is the initial, coarse stage of a filtration process, effectively removing particles and selected contaminants from different types of fluids, conditioning the water and setting the stage for downstream processes.

Our FILTER Line focuses on water treatment, but customized solutions for special applications are available. By removing large, coarse particles - that are potentially harmful to downstream membrane filtration systems – an overall smooth operation with less downtime is ensured and maximum service life for downstream equipment provided.

filters from FILTER Line


Our Prefiltration technology is a cost effective way to protect and extend the lifetime of downstream membrane technology for water treatment. The FILTER Line portfolio eliminates larger particles, ensuring the optimal performance of downstream filtration stages.

  • High performance with low pressure loss, high flow rates & dirt holding capacities.
  • Multiple configurations to match all customer needs like, filtration gradients & efficiency, construction types & materials, sizes and fittings.
  • Superior product quality for long service life – all products are Made in Europe with top-quality European materials
  • Private labeling & customized connections (special MANN+HUMMEL design) available
  • Best delivery times
  • Online FILTER Line Configurator providing full information anytime, anywhere

FILTER Line Products

Our FILTER Line products range from coarse to fine filtration:

  • Cyclone Filters (CY)
  • Strainers (ST)
  • Self-Cleaning Filters (SCF)
  • Bag Filters (BF)
  • Cartridge Filters (CF) with Standard Design & Special MANN+HUMMEL Design for secured replacement business

Check out our online FILTER Line configurator (CPQ) to evaluate the perfect solution matching your specific prefiltration needs.