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TurboClean UF

When it comes to sanitary membrane elements, there is a stronger choice for processors of dairy products, sweeteners, beer and wine, pharmaceutical products, proteins and many other process streams. TurboClean® elements feature a rugged polypropylene shell that results in a stronger, more rigid and durable element better suited for the most challenging process applications.

TurboClean elements are available with all membrane types (RO, NF, UF, and MF) and are manufactured to a precise diameter that reduces bypass flow by 60% or more when compared against conventional full-fit, net-wrapped or caged membrane elements.

Enhanced Water & Energy Savings

Reduced bypass flow is the key to water and energy savings with TurboClean sanitary elements. Studies show up to 35% water savings and 22% energy savings are possible. TurboClean elements can help companies as they work to achieve sustainability goals now and in the future.

Most Durable Sanitary Element

TurboClean elements have a patented hard-shell design and are the strongest sanitary elements available. Proprietary fabrication technology results in extremely tight elements that virtually eliminate channeling (“smiles”) and feed spacer migration, enabling longer operating life and better system economics. With this robust design, TurboClean elements are better suited for challenging applications where their superior structural durability protects the membrane from damage. 

Higher Productivity

Reduced bypass flow maximizes cross-flow velocity at the membrane surface resulting in more product throughput and better overall product yields.

Easiest Installation & Maintenance

Because of their consistent and controlled outer diameter, TurboClean elements are easy to load into and unload from systems with no “tails” to trim. TurboClean elements are “plug-and-play” and may be interchanged with competitive sanitary elements.

Most Effective Cleaning

The lower bypass flow of TurboClean elements means more of the cleaning solution is flowing inside of the membrane element, across the membrane surface. In addition to better performance during operation, higher cross-flow velocity also results in the most effective cleaning and lower microbial levels.

Wide Variety Of Product Choices

TurboClean elements are available for countless process and specialty applications and may be customized for specific requirements.

  • Membranes: TRISEP and NADIR membranes ranging from MF to RO including “XT” options for extreme cleaning conditions (high pH / high temperature) ›
  • Feed Spacer Thickness: Many sizes available from 24 to 80 mils
  • Feed Spacer Configurations: Diamond, parallel, asymmetric and open channel designs
  • Element Sizes ranging from 3.8” to 8.3” diameters plus 1812 elements for testing
  • Permeate Tubes in polysulfone and stainless steel

TurboClean elements are available in engineered designs for continuous high temperature operation up to 80°C, ultra-high pressure operation up to 120 bar (1740 psi) and higher pressure drop of up to 6 bar (90 psi) per housing.

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