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Wastewater Micropollutants

We recognize the evolving landscape of wastewater treatment and the growing need for micropollutant removal. As environmental standards become more demanding, conventional wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) are struggling to meet these advanced effluent requirements.

Our innovative BIO-CEL solutions enhance existing WWTPs with a fourth treatment stage. By integrating the Activated Carbon process, which combines an ultrafiltration membrane with powdered activated carbon, we effectively remove micropollutants, antibiotic-resistant bacteria, and genes.

This process surpasses the advanced effluent quality requirements, often referred to as a fifth treatment stage, thanks to its superior effluent quality.

Product Highlights

Main Features

  • High effluent quality (effective retention of solids and bacteria)
  • Smart module design (less braiding and sludge depositions)
  • Backflushable module based on flat sheet membranes
  • Small footprint (high packing density)
  • Reduced energy demand
  • Unique membrane laminate with self healing effect
  • Optimized oxygen transfer (fine bubble aeration)

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