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Municipal Wastewater Treatment

At MANN+HUMMEL Water & Membrane Solutions, we understand the challenges faced by municipalities in treating wastewater. Existing wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) often fall short of meeting the necessary capacity demands and the increasing effluent quality requirements for water reuse.

Our BIO-CEL technology is designed to address these challenges. It offers a modular and compact solution that can enhance the capacity of wastewater treatment plants while effectively removing antimicrobial-resistant bacteria, micropollutants, nutrients, and microplastics. When paired with Activated Carbon, BIO-CEL consistently achieves high-effluent quality.

BIO-CEL stands out for its efficiency, requiring 30-40 percent less space than conventional WWTPs. It is also designed for easy integration into existing plant infrastructure, requiring minimal construction investment and resulting in an added capacity of up to 40 percent.

One of the key benefits of BIO-CEL is its unique 360° access, which minimizes maintenance requirements when compared to other existing MBR alternatives.

BIO-CEL is a reliable and practical choice for municipalities seeking efficient, space-saving solutions for wastewater treatment, supported by the expertise of MANN+HUMMEL Water & Membrane Solutions.

Explore BIO-CEL, our innovative wastewater treatment solution, and discover how it can contribute to more efficient municipal wastewater management.

Key highlights of BIO-CEL:

  • high effluent quality (effective retention of solids and bacteria)
  • smart module design (less braiding and sludge depositions)
  • backflushable module based on flat sheet membranes
  • small footprint (high packing density)
  • reduced energy demand
  • unique membrane laminate with self healing effect
  • optimized oxygen transfer (fine bubble aeration)

Main Applications

Wastewater Micropollutants

BIO-CEL addresses stringent micropollutant removal requirements by offering a compact fourth treatment stage using Activated Carbon technology, effectively eliminating micropollutants and antibiotic-resistant bacteria. It is suitable for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment, exceeding advanced effluent quality standards.

Wastewater Disposal

BIO-CEL offers an efficient solution for wastewater disposal, with the flexibility to retrofit into existing clarifiers or filtration tanks. It operates at higher MLSS concentration, enhancing biological treatment efficiency and increasing capacity by up to 40%. This system can enable effluent reuse, such as irrigation, and serves as a pre-treatment step for specific reuse applications in both municipal and industrial wastewater treatment.

Wastewater Reuse

Fresh water.

To facilitate efficient wastewater reuse, BIO-CEL is the optimal choice. It seamlessly integrates into existing clarifiers or filtration tanks, operating at 3 to 4 times higher MLSS concentration. This significantly enhances biological treatment efficiency and increases capacity by up to 40 percent. BIO-CEL further supports various effluent reuse applications, such as irrigation, and serves as an effective pre-treatment step for specific reuse scenarios, making it an ideal option for both municipal and industrial wastewater treatment.


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