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BIO-CEL L Series

BIO-CEL MBR is the cost-effective and scalable solution for meeting challenging effluent requirements for wastewater treatment. The BIO-CEL MBR membrane serves as an effective physical barrier for the retention of solids and bacteria. The BIO-CEL MBR modules produce a high volume of superior quality effluent at a consistent flow rate and are especially useful for water reuse applications.

BIO-CEL offers a patented self-healing laminate technology, which is a proven technology since 15+ years and combines the advantages of flat sheet and hollow fiber membranes, allowing for backwash capability and increased durability. The combination of flexible laminate sheets and 360-degree accessible design offers the lowest ease of maintenance within the market. 

L Series: products range

BIO-CEL Lseries modules

Product Highlights

BIO-CEL L serie modules

The BIO-CEL L Series is available with PES and PVDF Ultrafiltration membranes and can be assembled in 480 up to 1920 m2.

  1. BIO-CEL 2 offers best maintenance due to 360-degree access.
  2. BIO-CEL L Stack is the optimum solution for standard tanks with optimized footprint.
  3. BIO-CEL XL-2 offers one connection point for permeate and air for the total membrane area of 1920 m2.
  4. BIO-CEL L-2 Stack is the ideal solution for deep filtration tanks between 5.2 and 6 meters, offering an outstanding packing density of 495 m² active membrane area per square-meter footprint. It is the ideal solution for maximizing performance and tank usage in your membrane bioreactor applications.

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