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Decentralized Wastewater Treatment

Decentralized wastewater treatment is needed in all remote areas that are not connected to main wastewater treatment facilities, such as smaller towns and villages as well as malls, motels or worker camps. Membrane bioreactors can be integrated in small modular systems and provide high quality water at minimum space requirements.

Membrane bioreactors not only offer the advantage of treating wastewater at lowest space requirements compared to other technologies, but also deliver superior effluent quality for water reuse.

Commercial Wastewater

Airports, hotels, hospitals, shopping centers, and other similarly-sized establishments need a simple and efficient way to treat the wastewater generated at their locations. 

Mobile Wastewater Treatment Plant

Conventional activated sludge processes have high space requirements and do not provide a high effluent quality. The BIO-CEL M+ was specifically developed to meet the dimensions of containerized high cube containers.

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