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Nanofiltration membranes for the food, beverage and life science industries

In today's rapidly evolving industrial landscape and with the population growth, the demand for efficient and sustainable fluid purification solutions has never been more pressing. From water and wastewater treatment to dairy and food processing, specialty chemicals to pharmaceuticals – industries adn water utilities worldwide are struggling with the limitations of traditional purification methods. Outdated technologies often fall short in terms of energy efficiency, product quality, and environmental impact, highlighting the urgent need for innovative, game-changing technologies that can elevate industry standards and unlock new levels of operational excellence.

MANN+HUMMEL, a leading company in water and membrane technologies, is at the forefront of this revolution, helping to empower a diverse range of industries to overcome their fluid purification challenges and achieve unprecedented levels of performance, productivity, and sustainability. With a comprehensive portfolio of advanced nanofiltration (NF) membrane solutions, we are redefining the boundaries of what's possible by delivering tailored, high-impact innovations that effectively address the unique and varied needs of customers across the globe.

At the heart of MANN+HUMMEL's expertise lies a robust and versatile range of nanofiltration membrane technologies, designed to tackle the most complex challenges faced by industries worldwide. This encompasses the removal of hardness from water – particularly divalent ions like calcium and magnesium – as well as organic molecules such as pesticides and herbicides from liquids. NF water membranes can be used within a diverse range of sectors, including water and wastewater treatment, food and beverage processing, and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Elevate your water purification with our nanofiltration membrane solutions

Our cutting-edge NF membranes are designed to effectively eliminate particles larger than 0.001 microns in size from liquids. From nanofiltration for partial demineralization and concentration to acid/caustic-stable membranes for efficient chemical recovery, our innovative solutions are specially engineered to optimize efficiency, enhance product quality, and drive sustainable practices.

Nanofiltration (NF) for partial demineralization and concentration



  • Specialty chemicals and pharmaceuticals: Separation of sugars, dextrose purification, removal of organics and multivalent ions

Acid/caustic-stable membranes for efficient chemical recovery



Food and the Pulp & Paper industries: Removal of organics and multivalent ions from acid and caustic solutions (e.g., Cleaning-In-Place (CIP) solutions)

Customizable membrane modules for fully tailored fluid purification


Versatile solutions for a wide range of industrial applications, including water and wastewater treatment, dairy and food processing, specialty chemicals, and pharmaceuticals

Besides our standardized products, we can also produce customized solutions to match your specific requirements. Dive into the key benefits of NF membranes by MANN+HUMMEL:


  • Low energy consumption and enhanced water/energy savings

  • Robust and durable design for continuous high-temperature operation

  • Precise separation and efficient concentration capabilities

  • Effective cleaning and easy installation for optimal productivity

  • Customizable modules providing the flexibility to select the flat sheet, spacer, private label, and size

  • Widest portfolio of membrane types for tailored solutions

Unlock new levels of efficiency with nanofiltration technologies by MANN+HUMMEL

Whether you're a dairy and food processor seeking to optimize product quality, a specialty chemical or pharmaceutical manufacturer looking to enhance your purification processes, or an industrial player seeking to streamline your water and wastewater treatment, MANN+HUMMEL's comprehensive portfolio of NF membrane solutions and durable, low energy sanitary modules, has the power to transform your operations and propel your business to new heights of success.

TurboClean NF: Precision membrane solutions for dairy and food processors


Especially designed for concentration and partial demineralization of whey, milk, and proteins, the TurboClean NF series delivers low-energy, powerful, and versatile nanofiltration performance.

Featuring a wide range of membrane options, the TurboClean NF series enables dairy and food manufacturers, as well as sugar and sweeteners producers, to optimize product quality and enhance process efficiency, while simultaneously reducing operational costs.

NADIR NP010 and NADIR NP030: Acid/caustic-stable membranes for food and the Pulp & Paper industries

The NADIR NP010 and NADIR NP030 membranes are specifically engineered to withstand exposure to harsh, high-pH environments. Ideal for the removal of organics and multivalent ions from acid and caustic solutions, these durable PES-based membranes provide precise separation, continuously reliable operation at high temperatures, and enhanced water and energy savings.

  • Robust and stable performance in demanding acid/caustic environments

  • Precise molecular weight cutoff (MWCO) for efficient separation

  • Continuous operation at high temperatures for optimal productivity

  • Reduced water and energy consumption for sustainable operations

You might also be interested in checking similar solutions such as MICRODYN NF for softening or TurboClean NF for whey, milk and protein concentration.

Cutting-edge nanofiltration membranes for water and process treatment by MANN+HUMMEL

With a legacy spanning over 80 years, MANN+HUMMEL has firmly established itself as a leading company in the field of filtration technology. Boasting an expansive international footprint of 80 locations worldwide, the company leverages its vast resources and extensive R&D capabilities to drive innovation and deliver transformative solutions.

As a proud member of the UN Global Compact, MANN+HUMMEL is part of a network of over 15,000 companies united in their commitment to building a more sustainable future. By harnessing the power of advanced nanofiltration systems, we are dedicated to providing effective water solutions that contribute to a healthier planet for all.

Why choose MANN+HUMMEL Water & Membrane Solutions?

  • Fully customizable modules with the option to select the flat sheet, spacer, private label, and size

  • Widest portfolio of membrane types for tailored solutions

  • Unique acid/caustic-stable membranes for demanding applications

  • Continuous operation at high temperatures for enhanced performance 

  • Robust and durable design for reliable long-term operation

  • Effective cleaning and easy installation for maximized productivity

  • Enhanced water and energy savings for sustainable operations

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