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Chemical Process

Many industries need to deal with waste streams from their processes that have an environmental impact. Membrane technology has proven to be a cost effective method to recycle or treat waste streams.

MANN+HUMMEL’s investment in innovation has created a full spectrum of products that offer specific solutions to your needs.   

Main Applications

Acid & Caustic Recovery

Galvanizing in etching acid containers in galvanic workshop

Are you looking for a solution to optimize the time-consuming and labor-intensive maintenance of a pickling bath? SEPRODYN & SPIRA-CEL are offering ways to run the pickling process continuously by removing impurities from the pickling liquor. MANN+HUMMEL Membrane technology allows you to run continuous pickling baths and reduce maintenance time and chemical cost.

Textile Dye Recovery

MANN+HUMMEL has a diverse suite of technologies to solve many of the challenges the textile industry faces. From our SPIRA-CEL OX pH stable membranes to our BIO-CEL submerged modules for wastewater treatment, MANN+HUMMEL is committed to being your solution provider.

E-coating Process

Finishers choose electrocoating to provide their products with a durable, lasting coating. MANN+HUMMEL’s SPIRA-CEL EY and FY Series elements surface area to volume ratio are ideal for e-coating, and are customizable for adaptation to different levels of solid content.

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