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Fermentation Process

Industrial fermentation processes deal with the conversion of organic and often renewable raw materials into consumer goods as food components, cosmetics and detergents as well as pharmaceutical products as antibiotics. The conversion of raw materials to these value products is realized by enzyme-based fermentation reactions within the fields of white and red biotechnology.

MANN+HUMMEL offers a wide portfolio of membrane solutions to fit the increasing challenges in fermentation reactions. Membrane products in micro-, ultra- and nanofiltration based on polymeric and ceramic membranes can be adapted to specific customer needs and allow operation under harsh process conditions.

Our membrane solutions can treat high organic loads and show high process robustness and cleaning efficiencies in fermentation applications. They support enzyme and microorganism recovery and high product yield as well as zero liquid discharge (ZLD) concepts for by-streams like solvents, acids and caustics used in fermentation processes. Process integration with high enzyme and value product recovery is possible with our membrane products. 

Our products are ideal for:

  • Nutrient Solution Safety
  • Cell Free Product Harvest
  • Enzyme Recovery
  • Zero Liquid Discharge for Side Streams

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