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Industrial Water

Industrial water encompasses various types of water employed in industrial settings during production and processing operations. Its versatile applications include cleaning of surfaces, preparation of rinses, acid treatments, active baths, and more.

The composition of industrial water depends on the specific products being manufactured and the raw water quality in the region. The needed treatment for industrial water spans different levels of technology, determined by the unique demands of each production process. This treatment can involve the use of deionized water, characterized by complete demineralization or distillation, or, for instance, municipal water sourced directly from the tap.

Industries such as breweries, food and dairy processing, textile manufacturing, pulp and paper mills, as well as oil and gas enterprises, exhibit a substantial demand for water, underscoring the necessity for effective treatment.

Industrial Process Water

industry worker checking chemical water treatment equipment

Industrial process water can be recovered from many resources like ground water, brackish water, surface water and drinking water. MANN+HUMMEL is offering the whole product portfolio that is required to condition your process water. Starting from microfiltration to remove microorganisms towards ultra- and nanofiltration for separation of molecules. 

Ultrapure Water

Tap, drinking water contains contaminants and impurities that need to be eliminated for use in sensitive applications. In order to reach product and patient safety, MANN+HUMMEL offers reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration products, which assure highest safety for sensitive processes.

Boiler Feed Water

Boiler feed water is used to generate steam in power plants. It must be treated to such an extent that certain substances contained in the water do not have any adverse effect on boiler operation or downstream system components due to corrosion and the formation of solid precipitation products (scale).

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