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The BIO-CEL EASY is small but mighty and each module can treat 12 to 24 m3/d. The module can be also delivered pre-assembled in a stainless-steel tank which can be easily transported by forklifts through standard doors.

Due to its low space requirements, it perfectly fits into the existing infrastructure. The contruction time can be reduced significantly due to its built-in filtration tank. The effluent can be reused for instance for irrigation purposes within the infrastructure of i.e. motels or ships.

BIO-CEL offers a patented self-healing laminate technology, which is a proven technology since 15+ years and combines the advantages of flat sheet and hollow fiber membranes, allowing for backwash capability and increased durability. The modules offer easy assembly and installation; fast and simple design; and flexible configurations, which saves on installation costs, engineering hours, and investment costs.

BIO-CEL EASY is easy to:

  • Design – simple, packaged system – less engineering hours required
  • Assemble – module ready to use in a few simple steps
  • Connect – plug-and-play design
  • Move – small footprint allows easy mobility and transportation
  • Expand – modular design allows plant capacity to scale quickly

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