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Macro Shot of Pink Pills During Production and Packing Process on Modern Pharmaceutical Factory. Medical Drug Manufacturing.

Red Biotechnology

Industrial red biotechnology processes deal with separation of microorganisms and high value molecular products in industrial pharmaceutical production processes.

Process cleanliness and high recovery rates of the value products with superior product cleanliness are key challenges for the customers. Process robustness and safety represent further challenges.

MANN+HUMMEL offers a wide portfolio of membrane solutions to meet the challenges in red biotechnology. Polymeric and ceramic membrane products in micro-, ultra- and nanofiltration can be adapted to specific customer process needs. Membrane housing designs optimized for cleaning and sterilization processes meet our customer needs.

Our membrane solutions can treat high organic loads and show high process robustness and cleaning efficiency in biotechnical applications. In upstream applications, low fouling membrane solutions are offered. Ultra- and nanofiltration membrane solutions with sharp cut-off characteristics are offered in downstream processing. Application in batch and continuous processes is also possible with our solutions.

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