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Micropollutant Removal & Biological Filtration

In the evolving landscape of water and wastewater management, the persistent challenge of micropollutants necessitates innovative and diverse solutions. MANN+HUMMEL's Water, Wastewater, and Life Science solutions stand at the forefront, offering a comprehensive range of technologies tailored to address micropollutants through eco-friendly membrane filtration methods combined with biological processes.

Micropollutants (as caused, for example, by molecules from pharmaceutical and pesticide residuals) pose a significant threat to water quality, demanding sophisticated solutions. MANN+HUMMEL's commitment to excellence is evident in our diverse range of solutions, specifically designed to combat micropollutants, with a primary emphasis on the effectiveness of membrane-based filtration and biological processes.

Biological filtration, integral to MANN+HUMMEL's suite of water and wastewater solutions, harnesses the power of living organisms to efficiently break down and neutralize micropollutants.

Process combinations with membrane filtration methods allow a highly effective retention of micropollutants based on energy efficient ultra- and nanofiltration membrane. Our solutions strive for high separation performance combined with robust operation.

The combination of biological processes and membrane filtration with advanced adsorption methods result in high reduction rates of micropollutants in water and wastewater. Our specifically developed adsorption solutions apply latest activated carbon technologies for an effective in-line removal of micropollutants.

Especially in wastewater treatment micropollutants are considered as a major concern. As a leading innovator MANN+HUMMEL developed specific-process combinations for removal of micropollutants by combination of ultrafiltration and powdered activated carbon (PAC). Micropollutants are adsorbed by the PAC and the ultrafiltration membrane retains (antibiotic resistant) bacteria in genes in addition to provide superior and safe water for recreational purposes and reuse.

This combined approach not only addresses the challenge of micropollutants effectively but also aligns with our commitment to sustainable and environmentally friendly water treatment solutions. The combination of different technologies in micropollutant removal allows the design of customer-oriented application solutions.

Our extensive range of solutions, spanning advanced membrane filtration to state-of-the-art biological treatment processes, positions MANN+HUMMEL as a leader in combating micropollutants in water. The synergy between our Water, Wastewater, and Life Science Solutions signifies a holistic and integrated approach to managing this significant water quality challenge.

Embracing the megatrend of micropollutant management, MANN+HUMMEL's Water, Wastewater, and Life Science Solutions collectively strive to provide sustainable, effective, and reliable solutions. Our commitment is not just to treat water but to safeguard it, contributing to a future where water resources are preserved, and the impact of micropollutants is mitigated for the well-being of communities and ecosystems.

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