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Brackish Water

Brackish water is water with salinity levels between fresh water and seawater. Salinity refers to the concentration of dissolved salts in a body of water, so brackish water is saltier than fresh water, but less salty than seawater.

The total dissolved solids (TDS) level of brackish water exceeds that of drinking water. The Environmental Protection Agency’s guideline for drinking water is less than 500 PPM, while brackish water is between 3,000 and 10,000 PPM.

Brackish water sources are present across the globe, from estuaries of rivers close to the sea, to wells close to coastal areas with seawater intrusion in which salts like sodium and chloride percolate into the ground. Desalination of this water source can be performed using low-energy and standard brackish RO membranes to meet the drinking water standard. 

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