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Water pollution, environmental problems. Thick oily mud floats near the shore of a pond lake. Fuel oil and waste oil fall into the pond with water

Oily Wastewater Treatment

Treating industrial wastewater containing traces of oil, fat or grease (FOG) requires a specialized approach. Tailoring the treatment approach to the specific characteristics of the wastewater and the concentration and type of FOG present is crucial.

Membrane technologies like Ultrafiltration (UF) or Reverse Osmosis (RO) often represent the final treatment step, but usually these technologies cannot accept FOG. While classic treatment concepts engage multiple pre-treatment steps to eliminate FOG, MANN+HUMMEL offers proprietary UF products, which can deal with FOG in feed water without extensive pre-treatment:

  • AQUADYN is a unique UF module, which can handle FOG up to 15 mg/l and is available in 2 sizes with an active filtration area of 45m² or 65m², making it the ideal choice for treatment capacities of around 200 m³/h.
  • iSep 500 is designed for most demanding feed waters, containing FOG concentrations up to 100 mg/l and high TSS levels up to 1000 mg/l at the same time. With an active filtration area of 27.4 m², iSep 500 is often used for treatment capacities of around 125 m³/h and very well suited to handle peak flow events at MBR plants, due to its small footprint.

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