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Drinking Water

Water is vital for human health and survival, and access to water is recognized as a human right

Global access to safely managed drinking water has progressed in the last years. The proportion of the global population with access to safely managed drinking water has increased from 62% in 2000 to 74% in 2020.

But this is not enough - there are still around 2 billion people around the world without access to safely managed drinking water services. Climate change and global warming will make the world face more challenges in the next years.

MANN+HUMMEL offers a wide portfolio of microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis to solve different levels of purification based on the water source to produce high quality drinking water, including treatment of well water, polluted sources, and seawater desalination

MANN+HUMMEL partners with customers to offer the most reliable solutions not only in terms of quality, but also considering economic and environmental aspects, sizing each solution based on different scenarios and challenges.

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