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Membrane bioreactor technology (MBR) for superior performance

The world is currently facing a critical challenge when it comes to wastewater management. According to the United Nations World Water Development Report, only about 20% of global wastewater is being properly treated. The vast majority remains untreated, contributing to significant environmental and public health issues. In many developing countries, the percentage of untreated wastewater can be as high as 80-90%.

Moreover, the generation of wastewater is expected to increase by 24% by 2030 and by 51% by 2050 compared to 2020 levels. This alarming trend, coupled with the high energy consumption of traditional wastewater treatment plants, rising energy costs, and the ever-increasing presence of emerging contaminants, like micropollutants and pharmaceuticals, underscores the dire need for urgent transformative solutions.

MBR technology from MANN+HUMMEL has proven its worth across a wide and versatile range of applications – spanning municipal wastewater treatment, industrial effluent purification, and large-scale water reuse initiatives. Our advanced membrane solutions deliver improved effluent quality, enhanced biological efficiency leading to a 30-40% reduced environmental footprint, and the flexibility to effortlessly handle variable flow rates – making MANN+HUMMEL membrane biological reactors the ideal choice for tackling diverse wastewater treatment challenges.

Elevate your wastewater treatment to a new level with our advanced MBR technology

As a leading company in water and membrane solutions, MANN+HUMMEL WMS is at the forefront of revolutionizing wastewater treatment through its innovative membrane biological reactor technology. Our BIO-CEL series stand out as a cutting-edge solution that seamlessly integrates the advantages of both flat sheet and hollow fiber membranes, creating a robust and highly efficient MBR system:

The BIO-CEL series is built upon our unique, patented self-healing laminate technology – a proven innovation that has been delivering reliable performance for over 15 years. This revolutionary technology addresses the critical challenges faced by traditional MBR applications, such as membrane durability and fouling, among other key benefits:

  • Reliable filtration quality

  • Enhanced fouling resistance

  • Reduced cleaning frequency

  • Minimized energy demand and downtime

  • Optimized TCO (total cost of ownership)

Our BIO-CEL L series (L+ and L2) and BIO-CEL M series (M+100 and M+200)

Within the BIO-CEL product line, we offer two distinct series especially created to cater to the diverse needs of our customers. At the heart of our BIO-CEL solutions are carefully selected membrane materials that play a crucial role in their exceptional performance. We leverage the unique properties of Polyethersulfone (PES) and Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) to create membranes that enable high clean water permeability, excellent mechanical stability, and superior chemical resistance.

Our PES-based UP150 membrane has been a highly trusted choice in the MBR market since the introduction of our BIO-CEL L Series. In response to ever-evolving industry needs, we have also developed the UV400 membrane, which boasts advanced features and enhanced performance within the BIO-CEL L+ Series.

MANN+HUMMEL has taken wastewater treatment to even greater heights with the BIO-CEL product line. We have patented an application that combines our membrane filtration technology with powdered activated carbon to effectively remove antibiotic-resistant bacteria and genes, microplastics, and micropollutants in a single process.

BIO-CEL L series (L+ and L2)

Specifically designed for municipal wastewater treatment applications, the BIO-CEL L Series increases water reuse and ensures the safe disposal of treated wastewater, by leveraging a powerful combination of our unique, patented self-healing laminate technology, high-performance membranes (PVDF and PES), and a 360-degree accessible, smart MBR membrane module design with an optimized air distribution.


  • Excellent filtration quality and durability

  • High clean water permeability and chemical resistance

  • Exceptional mechanical stability

  • Minimal maintenance requirements

  • Narrow pore size distribution

  • Highly effective retention of solids and bacteria

BIO-CEL M series (M+100 and M+200)

Especially tailored for decentralized wastewater treatment, the BIO-CEL M Series adopts a unique modular system design that allows for flexible installation and scalability. Fully equipped with our self-healing laminate technology, the BIO-CEL M Series can be customized to meet specific treatment requirements and accommodate a wide variety of wastewater volumes, making it a versatile choice for a huge range of applications.


  • High ​clean water permeability of ≥ 1,200 lmh/bar​
  • Lower cleaning frequency, leading to a significant decrease in cleaning costs
  • Superior chemical resistance of > 1 million ppm hours free chlorine, thus increasing the membrane’s lifespan
  • A high quality, sturdy backing layer ensures membrane robustness during long-term operation

MANN+HUMMEL: Driving innovation with membrane bioreactor systems for wastewater treatment

As a leading company with decades of filtration expertise and extensive R&D capabilities – including being an active member of the UN Global Compact with 15,000 other companies – we are helping to build a better future with cleaner water for a cleaner planet.

We are fully committed to providing our customers with cutting-edge membrane solutions, unparalleled technical expertise, and personalized support to help them navigate the tricky complexities of wastewater management. Whether you are facing the challenges of municipal wastewater treatment, seeking to implement decentralized solutions, or aiming to address emerging contaminants, MANN+HUMMEL's BIO-CEL series provides the advanced technology and tailored approach you need to elevate your wastewater treatment capabilities to the next level.

Why choose MANN+HUMMEL Water & Membrane Solutions?

  • Full portfolio of advanced membrane solutions: Prefilters, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, membrane bioreactors, and more

  • Low TCO technologies: Innovative designs and materials that optimize operational efficiency

  • Unique self-healing flat sheet membrane in MBR applications: Our market-leading patented self-healing laminate technology ensures consistently reliable performance

  • Highest filtration area per module with our UF hollow fiber modules: You can fully maximize your treatment capacity while optimizing the use of available space in more constrained areas where it’s trickier to install

With this comprehensive portfolio of advanced membrane solutions and our commitment to innovative technologies, MANN+HUMMEL is your number one trusted partner to help you elevate your wastewater treatment capabilities and achieve sustainable, cost-effective results.

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