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Wastewater filtration for water reuse and industrial wastewater treatment

The global water landscape paints an increasingly concerning picture. According to the United Nations World Water Development Report, a staggering majority of wastewater worldwide is still being released into the environment without adequate treatment. In fact, the report estimated that only around 20% of global wastewater undergoes proper treatment, leaving the vast majority untreated and negatively contributing to widespread pollution and public health risks.

The situation is particularly alarming within many developing nations, where the percentage of untreated wastewater can reach as high as 80-90%. The problem is only projected to worsen, with wastewater reuse expected to increase by 24% by 2030 and by 51% by 2050, compared to the figures recorded in 2020. If left unchecked, this surge in wastewater generation will lead to a substantial increase in the volume of untreated wastewater, aggravating the already critical situation.

One major issue is the high energy consumption of treatment plants, which is unsustainable in the long run, compounded by rising energy costs. Additionally, the ever-growing presence of emerging contaminants, such as micropollutants and pharmaceuticals, continually poses new challenges for water treatment technology and regulatory standards.

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) aim to promote sustainable development by the year 2030. Goal 6 of the 2030 Agenda specifically focuses on water-related issues. The United Nations advocates for ensuring safe and affordable drinking water for all, improving water quality, restoring water-related ecosystems, and enhancing transboundary water management as critical steps toward achieving this goal.

MANN+HUMMEL's innovative membrane technologies are key when it comes to driving sustainable wastewater management practices. With a comprehensive, market-leading portfolio of solutions spanning water reuse, decentralized wastewater treatment, and industrial wastewater solutions, we are fully dedicated to helping businesses, municipalities, and communities overcome their most pressing water-related issues.

Unlocking sustainable wastewater filtration for a brighter future

From pioneering water reuse strategies and decentralized wastewater treatment systems to transforming industrial wastewater management with minimum liquid discharge (MLD) and zero liquid discharge (ZLD) solutions, our comprehensive portfolio empowers businesses, municipalities, and communities to unlock a more sustainable water future.

Industrial wastewater treatment


MANN+HUMMEL's industrial wastewater filtration solutions encompass a comprehensive range of advanced processes. These include heavy metal removalchemical recoverytreatment of oily wastewaterlandfill leachate treatmentcolor removal, and effluent treatment to minimize solids and remove toxic heavy metals. Collectively, these capabilities serve to prevent water contamination, protect human health, recover and recycle valuable metals, improve overall water quality, and ensure full compliance with stringent discharge standards.

Water Reuse


Recognizing the urgency to minimize municipal wastewater disposal and promote water recycling, our innovative membrane technologies are at the forefront of addressing the growing need for effective micropollutant removal. By enabling compliance with stringent regulations and protecting public health, our advanced wastewater solutions help conserve precious natural resources and mitigate the challenges of water scarcity.

Decentralized wastewater treatment


Addressing the limitations of centralized sewage treatment, MANN+HUMMEL provides flexible, scalable, and efficient decentralized wastewater treatment solutions expertly tailored to meet commercial wastewater requirements. Our mobile wastewater treatment plants play a vital role in this field of expertise, especially in areas where centralized facilities are not viable or cost-effective.

Minimum Liquid Discharge (MLD) to Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD)


Driving the transformation of industrial wastewater treatment to new heights, MANN+HUMMEL's Minimum Liquid Discharge (MLD) solutions represent a significant evolution in sustainable water practices. By minimizing water consumption and discharge while maximizing resource recovery, our state-of-the-art technologies, including heavy metal removal, chemical recovery, and advanced industrial effluent treatment, enable industries to adopt these crucial environmentally responsible water practices.

Innovative wastewater filtration solutions for a cleaner planet

MANN+HUMMEL's ingenious wastewater solutions are expertly designed to address a wide range of industrial and municipal wastewater treatment requirements. From increasing water reuse and ensuring the safe disposal of treated wastewater, to minimizing liquid discharge and recovering valuable resources, our products consistently deliver exceptional performance and unparalleled efficiency.

Explore some of our products below!

BIO-CEL L series (L+ and L2) for municipal wastewater treatment

BIO-CEL L series (L+ and L2) is a market-leading solution for municipal wastewater treatment, that’s trusted by wastewater plants, Original Equipment manufacturers (OEMs), and municipalities worldwide:


  • Patented self-healing laminate technology for consistently reliable performance

  • Flexible laminate sheets and high-performance PVDF and PES membranes

  • 360-degree accessible design for easy maintenance

  • Low total cost of ownership (TCO) while still delivering high-quality filtration


The BIO-CEL L series empowers customers to treat wastewater efficiently and cost-effectively, with minimal maintenance requirements. 


iSep 500, PureULTRA II, AQUADYN, and RO membranes for industrial wastewater treatment

In order to increase water reuse while achieving a minimum liquid discharge (MLD), we provide a range of highly efficient and innovative membranes:


  • iSep 500: Features a vacuum-driven, back washable, spiral-wound membrane design that enables it to effortlessly handle aggressive high TSS wastewater streams
  • PureULTRA IIProvides a high filtration area per module, combined with a unique permanently hydrophilic nature that allows for aggressive cleaning cycles, ensuring optimal performance over a sustained period of time
  • AQUADYN UF modules: Leveraging pressurized, hollow-fiber PAN membranes, the AQUADYN UF modules (45 or 65 m² of active filtration area) are especially engineered for the most demanding industrial wastewater applications
  • RO MembranesCapable of rejecting over 99% of dissolved salts (ions), particles, organics, and more, from the feed water, consistently delivering exceptional wastewater purification time after time

BIO-CEL M series (M+100 and M+200) for decentralized wastewater treatment

Tackling the diverse needs of decentralized wastewater treatment, we provide a fully comprehensive solution: 


  • Modular system design for simple, flexible installation and scalability
  • Patented self-healing laminate technology for consistently reliable operation
  • Customizable options giving you full flexibility to meet your specific treatment requirements and wastewater volumes


Make a significant global impact by partnering with MANN+HUMMEL

MANN+HUMMEL is a leading company in innovative wastewater filtration solutions and sustainable water management. In an era where efficient wastewater treatment and water reuse are absolutely key, we leverage our cutting-edge membrane technology to meet these challenges while simultaneously protecting the environment. Our membrane filtration solutions provide a physical barrier against harmful bacteria, genes, and microplastics, exceeding the legal requirements for the fourth treatment stage of micropollutant removal.

Why choose MANN+HUMMEL Water & Membrane Solutions?

MANN+HUMMEL's unrivaled comprehensive portfolio of advanced wastewater treatment solutions, combined with our full commitment to low total cost of ownership (TCO) and unique self-healing membrane capabilities in MBR applications, makes us the ideal partner for your water management needs:

  • Wide portfolio – including prefilters, UF, RO, MBR, and more

  • Unmatched expertise in tailoring bespoke solutions to meet your specific needs

  • Precise customization to achieve optimal results

  • Minimize your environmental impact and reduce your footprint 

Explore our broad range of wastewater filtration solutions and contact us today to discover how we can help you unlock a more sustainable water future.

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