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Our Products

Our products span a diverse array of technologies, each contributing to innovation and efficiency across various applications.


Reverse Osmosis membranes

RO - Reverse Osmosis

Water purification process to remove impurities, contaminants, and ions, providing clean drinking water.

wastewater treatment plant

MBR - Membrane Bioreactors

Biological treatment and membrane filtration for wastewater treatment.

ultrafiltration membrane

UF - Ultrafiltration

Semi-permeable membranes to improve water quality and facilitate purification in industrial processes.

life science

NF - Nanofiltration

Membrane filtration process that separates ions and small molecules for water treatment and purification.

wastewater plant


Preliminary filtration process to enhance the efficiency and lifespan of subsequent filtration stages.


MF - Microfiltration

Fine porous membrane filtration to separate particles and microorganisms.

Energy plant

Ion Exchange

Purification process based on ions swapping between a solid resin and a solution, used for water softening and purification.

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