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Beverage Process

Our solutions help manufacturers adhere to strict water quality standards to meet health regulations and to produce safe, standardized water that maintains consistency in flavor, color and body.

Our TurboClean Bev Series of products have 60% less bypass than net-wrapped elements delivery energy savings and the most effective cleaning and sanitizing.  

Main Applications

Make-up Water Treatment

Most soft drinks, beer, bottled water and other common beverages are comprised of more than 90% water. MANN+HUMMEL’s TurboClean technology can provide a high-quality conditioned water using our chlorine-tolerant CA, RO, UF or MF chemistries packaged in an energy saving, easy to clean module construction.

Juice Treatment

​Membranes play a crucial role in juice treatment processes, where they are utilized for various processes such as clarification, concentration and purification. Membrane purify juice components without the need for excessive heat or chemicals thus preserving the natural flavors, color and nutritional value.​

Dealcoholization Process

The use of RO membranes to dealcoholize beer and wine maintains color and flavor compounds while passing alcohol. MANN+HUMMEL’s TurboClean technology reduces energy and is easier to clean ensuring product quality is maintained.

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