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FILTER Line product range

Water Treatment is a Multi-Step Process

With feed waters sources ranging from surface to well water, from brackish to sea water and the many varieties of wastewater, membrane technologies need pre-filtration to work at highest efficiency and maximum service life.

The FILTER Line is offering high performance pre-treatment products, that can be seamlessly integrated with your water treatment concept.

Reliable solutions for water treatment projects

The FILTER Line is designed to operate with low pressure loss, while providing high flow rates and dirt holding capacities. Multiple configurations are available to match your requirements. The products are made in Europe with top quality European materials.

The FILTER Line includes:

  1. Cyclon Filters
  2. Strainers
  3. Self-Cleaning Filters
  4. Bag Filters
  5. Cartridge Filters
  6. Private labeling options are available