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Minimum to Zero Liquid Discharge

Some of the major industry trends, revolve around tightening regulations on Wastewater discharge, along with various reuse policies. As a result, there’s a high demand for Wastewater recycling and Minimum to Zero Liquid Discharge (MLD to ZLD) solutions.

Regarding membrane filtration, MANN+HUMMEL Water & Membrane Solutions (WMS) stands out as a notable contributor to advanced sustainable practices and mitigating the environmental impact of industrial processes. In response to escalating environmental concerns, MLD to ZLD processes are growing within many industries, with a focus on reducing liquid discharge, recover water to be reused within the process and so implementing sustainable water management strategies.

MLD / ZLD initiatives were strongly embraced by the textile industries in India and Southeast Asia, but have been embraced by multiple industries in all regions across the globe.

MANN+HUMMEL WMS plays a crucial role in advancing this trend through the application of advanced membrane filtration technologies. These solutions act as key components in achieving MLD to ZLD objectives by providing precision and efficiency in treating wastewater streams. MANN+HUMMEL's membranes act as selective barriers, permitting the passage of purified water molecules while retaining impurities, furthermore they are used to concentrate the solids through reverse osmosis before entering into thermal systems. This approach ensures compliance with environmental regulations, reduce energy consumption and facilitates resource recovery from treated effluent. Through innovative technologies and tailored approaches, we support industries in achieving higher levels of water reuse, reducing discharge volumes, and enhancing overall sustainability. 

From Ultrafiltration to Nanofiltration to Reverse Osmosis and beyond, MANN+HUMMEL's solutions play a pivotal role in enabling businesses to embrace MLD to ZLD practices without compromising operational efficiency. As the global paradigm shifts towards responsible water stewardship, MANN+HUMMEL WMS stands as a committed partner in realizing the MLD to ZLD vision. Together, we contribute to a future where water resources are conserved, and environmental impact is minimized, making MANN+HUMMEL an indispensable contributor to sustainable water management practices.

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