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Wastewater Disposal



As the world's environmental concerns continue to intensify, wastewater disposal and reuse have taken center stage.

Traditional activated sludge wastewater treatment plants are grappling with stricter regulations for discharge into water bodies. Simultaneously, the relentless tide of urbanization demands that wastewater and water treatment infrastructure reduce its environmental footprint.

MANN+HUMMEL's BIO-CEL modules offer a transformative solution. These modules can be seamlessly integrated into existing clarifiers, providing an effective retrofit, or be deployed within separate filtration tanks. Their unique operation, which maintains 3 to 4 times higher MLSS concentration, significantly enhances biological treatment efficiency. This results in a remarkable capacity increase of up to 40 percent, optimizing your wastewater disposal process.

Furthermore, our technology doesn't stop at treatment; it offers a sustainable twist. The effluent can be repurposed for other essential applications, such as irrigation. Additionally, the Membrane BioReactor (MBR) can serve as an invaluable pre-treatment step for reverse osmosis, opening doors to a range of specific reuse applications.

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