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Water for Injection

Water for Injection (WFI) can be defined as high-purity water without significant contamination. It is the main excipient used in the production of parenteral drugs and other Life Science applications.

It can be produced using several technologies including Distillation using Multiple Effect (ME), Vapor Compression (VC), and Membrane filtration.

  • High mechanical strength, backwashable membrane in a wide range of membrane types make ULTRADYN hollow fiber modules suitable for all applications requiring a high level of purification and high packing density. ULTRADYN modules can be sanitized with hot water up to 98°C, eliminating bacterial growth and preventing fouling.
  • TurboClean High Purity Heat Sanitizable RO elements are ideal for applications which demand ultrapure water. TurboClean elements feature about 60% less bypass flow than net-wrapped elements resulting in Strongest Sanitary Element, Energy Savings, Most Effective Cleaning and Sanitizing, Less Scaling, Lower Effective Recovery, Ease of Installation.
  • MICRODYN’s polyamide heat sanitizable RO membranes, packaged in a unique, sanitary, patented hard shell offers the most effective sanitization in the industry.

Our solutions ensure the highest sanitary standard and quality of the products.


If you are looking for heat sanitizable RO and UF modules, MANN+HUMMEL can offer you very robust and reliable solutions that are ideal for:

  • Pretreatment for multi effect and vapor compressor stills as well as for pure steam generators
  • Heat sanitizable RO for purified water production
  • Heat sanitizable RO and hollow fiber UF for the production of cold water for injection

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