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Process solutions: Advanced filtration – revolutionary water management

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, the stakes have never been higher when it comes to water management. Across a wide range of industries, from food and dairy to beverages and chemicals, the consequences of poorly managed water treatment can be severe – potentially jeopardizing process safety and product quality, damaging equipment, and eroding consumer trust, all of which can have a profound and damaging impact on your bottom line.

At the same time, sectors such as food and dairy face mounting pressure to reduce their environmental footprint as consumer preferences increasingly shift towards more sustainable and ethically-sourced offerings. Therefore, the need for fully integrated water filtration technologies and reliable, innovative process solutions has become paramount.

MANN+HUMMEL Water & Membrane Solutions stands out from the crowd as your trusted partner to help navigate your way through these complex challenges. Leveraging over 80 years of industry experience and a deep understanding of global water issues, we provide a comprehensive portfolio of tailored membrane technologies to meet the unique needs of your business.

Speak with our experts here or keep on reading to discover how our process solutions can help you control and optimize your water filtration and liquid management!

Process filtration: Transforming processing across different industries

From dairy and food processing to sugar, chemicals, lithium, and beverages – our comprehensive portfolio helps a wide range of businesses across the globe face a diverse range of water challenges.

Dairy process solutions


Our dairy-focused process solutions enable you to efficiently concentrate, clarify, and demineralize valuable components – from whey protein, milk proteins and casein through to lactose. By precisely separating and purifying these key dairy ingredients, we help you maximize yields, ensure consistent quality, and effortlessly deliver the high-performance products your customers demand.

Food process solutions


Elevate your food processing capabilities with MANN+HUMMEL's state-of-the-art membrane technologies. Whether you are concentrating and clarifying animal-based or plant-based proteins, gelatin, nutraceuticals, or fermentation products, or you are refining plant extracts, vitamins, enzymes, and yeasts, our industrial filtration solutions help you maintain the very highest standards of process safety, purity, and consistency.

Sugar process solutions


Streamline your sugar processing with our advanced membrane solutions. Whether you're looking to clarify, concentrate, or demineralize dextrose, sucrose, xylose, or starch, our intelligent technologies consistently deliver precise separation and purification.

Beverage process solutions


Crafting the perfect beverage requires highly precise water management. Our innovative membranes provide the ultimate in water standardization, enabling you to achieve consistent flavor, color, and body profiles while fully adhering to the strictest health regulations. From reducing alcohol content and clarifying beer and wine through to clarifying and concentrating juices, or achieving water standardization for bottled water, our beverage process solutions ensure the highest quality of your beverage products.

Chemical process solutions


Optimize your chemical processing and tackle your waste stream challenges head-on with our advanced membrane filtration systems. By recycling and treating your process waste, you can reduce your environmental impact but also unlock exciting new opportunities for resource recovery and cost savings.

Lithium process solutions


The future of energy storage is reliant on the purity of lithium. Our nanofiltration membranes combine and deliver high-productivity, high-selectivity, and reduced energy consumption for your direct lithium extraction (DLE) operations. By efficiently separating the divalent ions from the lithium, our lithium brine purification ensures a reliable supply of this critical mineral. 

Get in touch with us now and discover what our water process solutions can do for your business!

Our range of process solutions: MANN+HUMMEL products at a glance

Fully streamline your processing with our market-leading superior membrane solutions. Effortlessly achieve unparalleled separation, purification, and concentration for your dairy, food, beverage, and chemical applications. Maximize efficiency, quality, and consistency while simultaneously minimizing your energy and maintenance costs. Our state-of-the-art membrane technologies are designed to elevate your operations to exciting new heights. Discover how our process filters can completely transform your approach to water management.

UP005 and 10kUF ultrafiltration membranes in TRISEP DS and TurboClean sanitary configurations

Unlock the full potential of your dairy, protein, and animal processing operations with our advanced membrane technology. Ingeniously designed for concentrating proteins, whey protein concentrate (WPC), and whey protein isolate (WPI), our process filtration solutions deliver:

  • The best 5kD membrane on the market, for unparalleled separation

  • Reliable supply that’s locally produced in the US and EU

  • Unique TurboClean hard shell design for enhanced performance and cleanability

MV020 microfiltration membrane

Streamline your process with our state-of-the-art clarification membrane. Featuring our innovative TurboClean hard shell design, this solution provides:

  • Improved filtration performance for enhanced product quality

  • Reduced maintenance requirements for greater operational efficiency

  • Reliable performance meeting all requirements of animal processors

TRISEP XPNF and TS40 nanofiltration membranes

Take your sugar processing to the next level with our advanced membrane technology, specially designed for sugar enrichment. These unrivaled products enable you to:

  • Achieve high purity of disaccharides even under high-temperature operation

  • Reduce energy consumption compared to traditional methods

  • Maximize efficiency and productivity in your sugar processing operations

TurboClean Bev cellulose acetate reverse osmosis and nanofiltration membranes

Our TurboClean NF elements ensure the quality and consistency of your beverage products with our specialized membrane for beverage make-up water. The benefits of this market-leading process solutions include:

  • Chlorine-tolerance for consistently reliable performance in demanding water treatment applications

  • TurboClean hard shell design for easy maintenance and long-lasting operation

  • Tailored capabilities to meet the exact requirements of beverage companies


Optimize your lithium extraction and purification with our advanced membrane technology. Specially designed for Direct Lithium Extraction (DLE), this unmatched process filtration solution provides a perfect combination of:

  • High-productivity for maximizing lithium yield

  • High-selectivity to ensure purity and quality

  • Reduced energy consumption for cost-effective operations

  • Tailored capabilities to meet the unique demands of lithium production

TurboClean RO ACM2 series products

Efficient concentration of milk, whey and lactose streams through dewatering using reverse osmosis technology. 

  • Reliable supply that’s locally produced in the US and EU
  • Unique TurboClean hard shell design for enhanced performance and cleanability
  • Excellent performance enabling cost savings on storage and transportation

Meet with us to discover the perfect solution for you and embrace the future of water innovation!

Transform your water challenges into competitive advantages

When you partner with MANN+HUMMEL, you are aligning with a brand that is uniquely positioned to address your most pressing water treatment challenges with advanced process solutions that are trusted by a wide range of industries across the world.

Why choose MANN+HUMMEL Water & Membrane Solutions?


  • Local production in the US and EU to ensure reliable supply
  • Broad portfolio of applications to serve diverse industries
  • Fully customizable options to meet specific requirements

Beyond our technical know-how, we also take great pride in our products’ ability to reliably operate at high temperatures and high pH levels, thereby delivering energy-saving benefits that translate directly into lower ToC (total ownership costs). Whether you're seeking to enhance your dairy processing, optimize your beverage production, or tackle your chemical waste streams, MANN+HUMMEL has the best process solutions to ensure continuous filtration whilst simultaneously unlocking the full potential of your industry.

Our technologies consistently deliver exceptional performance and efficiency across a wide range of applications. Explore our comprehensive water filtration and membrane solutions, including e-coating processtextile dye recovery, and acid & caustic recovery.

Contact us today to discover the endless possibilities and unlock the power of precision water treatment! 

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