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Process Solutions

Main Markets

Automated filling of yoghurt into packages. Food production, dairy plant.

Dairy Process

At MANN+HUMMEL, we understand that the dairy industry requires innovative technologies to meet the demands of a rapidly evolving market. With our expertise in membrane technology, we are dedicated to providing top-tier solutions that enhance dairy processing safety, efficiency, quality, and sustainability.

Brown glass beer drink alcohol bottles, brewery conveyor, modern production line.

Beverage Process

Our solutions help manufacturers adhere to strict water quality standards to meet health regulations and to produce safe, standardized water that maintains consistency in flavor, color and body.

Our TurboClean Bev series of products have 60% less bypass than net-wrapped elements delivery energy savings and the most effective cleaning and sanitizing.  

Transport of sugar on the production line

Food Process

Membrane processes have become significant in the food industry, primarily due to their ability to separate, concentrate, and purify components in various food applications. 

MANN+HUMMEL’s extensive experience along with a commitment of product innovation creates an ideal partnership for companies looking to improve their bottom line. 

Pressure equipment, chemical or pharmaceutical factory or plant workshop with metal industrial manufacturing production equipment

Chemical Process

Many industries need to deal with waste streams from their processes that have an environmental impact. Membrane technology has proven to be a cost effect method to recycle or treat waste streams.

MANN+HUMMEL’s investment in innovation has created a full spectrum line of products that offer a full solution to your needs.

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