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Low Pressure Elements  

Oltremare LOW RO elements have become a global choice in the water treatment industry. LOW1, LOW2, LOW3, and LOW4 elements stand out for their high productivity and salt rejection rates. Our low-pressure elements have improved performance and cost-efficiency with reduced operational pressure, suitable for domestic and light industrial applications.

Compact Elements

Oltremare Compact elements redefine convenience by eliminating the need for pressure vessel housing. Designed to reduce costs and simplify installation processes, Compact elements combine vessel and element in an all-in-one solution. These elements are easy to install and replace, giving lower installation and operating costs and offering the same outstanding performance as original LOW and NANO elements.

XL Elements

Oltremare XL is a range of low pressure 4″ elements, which are available in 4040, 4021, and 4014 sizes and in all LOW energy range. The XL family, a unique product in the market, is available thanks to the exclusive production capability of our company. It combines low energy and high flow performances with an extended active surface never reached by a 4″ element before, keeping the same feed spacer of a standard 4″ element and maintaining a total compatibility with standard 4” pressure vessel.

Brackish Water Elements

Oltremare Brackish Water (BR) Elements are designed for reliability in industry-standard applications. These elements deliver consistent high performance, making them suitable for various water treatment needs, including industrial water production, pharmaceutical water, wastewater treatment, agriculture, and irrigation. With chemical resistance and superior performance, BR reverse osmosis elements excel in handling brackish water, particularly in boilers, refineries, and power plants.

Low Fouling Elements 

Oltremare FOUL elements present breakthrough technology for treating challenging feed waters, municipal wastewater, and other complex applications. Their design offers enhanced resistance to fouling and cleaning, eliminating the need for extensive pretreatment. The smooth surface of FOUL elements reduces fouling rates, allowing for lower cleaning frequency and an extended element lifetime.

Seawater Elements

Oltremare SEA elements cover a spectrum of seawater desalination applications, from high productivity to high rejection scenarios. Formulated to accommodate varying seawater salinity levels globally, SEA elements provide reliable and field-proven performance. With different sizes and dimensions, SEA elements cater to diverse water treatment needs, ranging from small boat watermakers to applications in small towns and hotels.

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