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Water filtration solutions with cutting-edge membranes

In an era of mounting water scarcity and quality concerns, the need for innovative water treatment solutions has never been more pressing. Water utility companies are expanding their seawater desalination efforts, but to do this effectively they require cost-effective reverse osmosis membranes and water filters that can optimize energy usage, lifespan, and fouling resistance. Meanwhile, many fresh water sources have become heavily polluted, reducing their viability for drinking water and industrial processes. Additionally, issues with water hardness can negatively impact drinkability and industrial applications.

Despite ongoing efforts to reduce, reuse, and recycle water, industries still heavily rely on fresh surface and groundwater. The growing semiconductor, pharmaceutical, and green hydrogen sectors have created a surging demand for highly reliable, high-purity water treatment.

As one of the world's leading experts in water filtration, MANN+HUMMEL provides innovative membrane solutions to address a diverse range of water treatment needs. From ensuring access to safe drinking water to enabling reliable industrial processes in sectors like beverage, food processing, and oil & gas, our advanced, market-leading membrane technologies have a sharp focus on quality, sustainability, and responsible water usage. Whether for purifying water sources or delivering high-purity water solutions, MANN+HUMMEL engineers customized systems to meet the unique demands of each application.

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Water treatment solutions by MANN+HUMMEL across diverse applications

Whether your focus is on ensuring access to safe and clean drinking water, providing high-purity process water for industrial applications, or tackling the complexities of seawater desalination, our cutting-edge water filtration solutions are specially designed to consistently deliver superior performance, unparalleled reliability, and long-term sustainability. Our solutions include:

  • Low-energy, high-rejection seawater reverse osmosis membranes: Expertly optimized for seawater desalination and the production of demineralized water, delivering exceptional salt rejection with reduced energy consumption

  • PureULTRA UF membranes: Highly effective in removing contaminants such as PFAS, arsenic, and suspended solids from surface and groundwater sources (with or without combined technologies), while simultaneously offering low-energy operation and fouling resistance

  • Brackish water reverse osmosis membranes: Providing robust, high-rejection solutions for the purification of brackish water, catering to the demanding needs of water utilities, industries, and specialty applications such as green hydrogen

  • Nanofiltration membranes: Offering efficient softening of water for drinking and industrial use, with the ability to selectively remove unwanted ions while still retaining beneficial minerals

  • Hot-water sanitizable membranes: Enabling consistently reliable, high-purity water production for the pharmaceutical and semiconductor, with the added benefit of thermal disinfection capabilities

By integrating our advanced membrane technologies with complementary pre- and post-treatment processes, we deliver comprehensive, integrated solutions that fully maximize the value of every single drop of water. Whether you're seeking to enhance the quality of drinking water, optimize industrial processes, or unlock new possibilities in emerging technologies, MANN+HUMMEL is your number one trusted partner when it comes to mastering global water challenges.

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Empowering industries and communities with customized water solutions

MANN+HUMMEL's unrivaled expertise extends well beyond off-the-shelf products, as we closely collaborate with our clients to develop tailored, end-to-end water treatment solutions that effectively solve their unique challenges and requirements. From water utilities providers and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to industrial leaders in sectors like pharmaceuticals, semiconductors, and green hydrogen, our teams of experts work tirelessly to engineer solutions that optimize performance, minimize maintenance and energy consumption, and ensure long-term operational efficiency – ultimately delivering a lower total cost of ownership for all of our customers.

Seawater reverse osmosis membranes

Ingeniously designed to meet the diverse needs of water utilities, OEMs, and EPC contractors, our Oltremare and MICRODYN series (SEA, SWL, SWM, SWH) are specially optimized for seawater desalination and the production of high-quality demineralized water.

  • Wide range of solutions tailored for exceptional salt rejection and flow rates

  • Unique capability to provide customized private-label elements and modules

  • Flexible configurations for seamless integration into your water treatment systems

Brackish water reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration membranes

Our PureULTRA II UF modules and Oltremare & MICRODYN brackish water RO membranes (Foul, BR, Low, FR, BW, LE) provide comprehensive, fully integrated solutions for water utilities, OEMs, and EPC contractors. They effectively remove contaminants, including PFAS, arsenic, suspended solids, and bacteria, from surface and groundwater sources.

  • Seamlessly integrated pre- and post-treatment capabilities

  • Reliable performance and consistently high-quality water output

  • Flexible configurations to meet the unique needs of your water treatment system

Ultrapure water solutions

Expertly created for the production of highly purified water across a wide range of industries such as pharmaceutical and semiconductor companies, OEMs and EPCs, our market-leading solutions include PureULTRA II UF modules, Oltremare & MICRODYN brackish water RO membranes (Foul, BR, Low, FR, BW, LE), and Ultradyn hot-water sanitizable membranes (3000 MWCO).

  • Designed for the production of highly demineralized water for industrial use, purified water, and water for injection within pharmaceutical applications, and ultrapure water for semiconductor and green hydrogen production

  • Featuring low-energy operation, hot-water sanitization capabilities, and exceptional rejection rates 

  • Flexible configurations for seamless integration into your specialized water treatment processes

Nanofiltration membrane solutions

MANN+HUMMEL's nanofiltration membrane solutions, including the Oltremare NF and MICRODYN NF (NF7, NF9) series, provide water utilities companies, industries, OEMs and EPCs with efficient water softening capability for both drinking water and industrial process water applications.

  • Optimized for the production of softened water, targeting the selective removal of unwanted ions while also retaining beneficial minerals

  • Featuring low-energy operation

Partner with MANN+HUMMEL for sustainable water filtration solutions

With MANN+HUMMEL Water & Membrane Solutions, you're not just selecting a supplier – you are aligning with a trusted partner that’s fully committed to delivering you innovative, sustainable, and customized water membranes. Our expertise spans across a diverse range of industries and applications, empowering us to engineer the precise solutions you need to overcome your various water challenges.

Why choose MANN+HUMMEL Water & Membrane Solutions?

Backed by over 80 years of engineering excellence and a global network of research and development facilities, we offer:

  • Unparalleled customization capabilities to meet your unique requirements

  • Integrated solutions that optimize performance and operational efficiency

  • Competitive lead times to ensure timely deployment of your water treatment systems

  • A relentless focus on sustainability, energy efficiency, and environmental responsibility

MANN+HUMMEL Water & Membrane Solutions provides innovative membrane technologies to address a wide spectrum of water filtration needs, from drinking water and demineralized water to industrial processes, ultrapure water applications, and water for injection. Whether you're focused on seawater desalination, contaminant removal, or high-purity water production, we have the expertise to engineer customized water solutions that fully meet your needs while optimizing performance and sustainability.

Discuss your water treatment requirements with our water filtration experts today and unlock new possibilities. Reach out now

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