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Ultrapure Water

Tap water or drinking water contain contaminants and impurities required to be eliminated for the use of sensitive applications. In order to reach product or patient safety, MANN+HUMMEL offers reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration products, to assure highest safety for sensitive processes. Heat sanitizable TurboClean RO and ULTRADYN ultrafiltration, assure pathogen-free filtrate according to USP88 standard and offer safe production of water for injection without the need for an evaporator, thereby increasing energy efficiency and production flexibility.

Product Highlights

Do you operate or build plants for the production of ultrapure water for pharmaceutical or medical use?

Then our TurboClean RO and Ultradyn polishing UF help you to assure highest water quality and pathogen removal according to USP88 and assure highest safety of patient or product.

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