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Green Energy solutions for sustainable energy storage

Energy storage plays a crucial role in the integration of renewable energy by capturing excess generation and releasing it when needed. The production of green hydrogen through renewable energy-powered electrolysis is also a critical element of sustainability, in contrast to the emissions-intensive gray hydrogen, produced by fossil fuel sources. The widespread adoption of green hydrogen energy is essential to move away from reliance on fossil fuels and accelerate the transition to a more environmentally responsible energy future. However, without reliable green energy solutions to capture and retain excess renewable generation, the intermittency of adequate sunshine and wind can disrupt grid stability and clean energy supply.

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Go green with MANN+HUMMEL’s green energy solutions


As a globally leading provider of water filtration and membrane solutions, MANN+HUMMEL offers a comprehensive portfolio of technologies to address the future challenges within energy storage and electrolysis green hydrogen production. From high performing redox flow battery membranes to versatile desalination solutions for electrolyzer applications, our innovative technologies contribute to a more sustainable energy landscape.

Green hydrogen solutions

MANN+HUMMEL's components support the production of green hydrogen, which can be used as a clean fuel for fuel cell vehicles, significantly contributing to zero emission mobility. This helps reduce reliance on fossil fuels in the automotive sector. 

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Discover the wide range of membranes and filters within our green energy solutions portfolio

MANN+HUMMEL's product portfolio includes the MIONEX membrane family, expertly designed to deliver outstanding performance and reliability for energy storage systems. Our OmniFlow ion exchange filters provide superior flexibility and temperature resilience for green hydrogen production. Additionally, our Reverse Osmosis (RO) membranes and desalination membranes, such as the Oltremare RO and MICRODYN RO lines, ensure the reliable supply of high-purity feedwater for electrolyzer applications, seawater desalination, and salt removal.

MIONEX membranes

Our MIONEX membranes are an advanced solution specifically created for redox flow battery manufacturers and energy storage solution providers. The membranes are designed to deliver outstanding performance and reliability for energy storage applications:

  • Fluorine-free material composition

  • Fully PFAS compliant

  • Flexible customization options (thanks to our unique blend membrane concept)

  • Outstanding electrochemical performance

  • Optional mechanical reinforcement

OmniFlow ion exchange filters

Our OmniFlow system is a specialized solution tailored for electrolyzer manufacturers who are focused on green hydrogen applications. Our OmniFlow ion exchange filters deliver exceptional versatility and performance to support efficient and reliable green hydrogen systems:


  • Omnidirectional flow and installation: Incredibly versatile, they can be installed in any orientation – horizontal, vertical, or anything in between, for a fully optimized system's layout without sacrificing performance.

  • High temperature resilience: They can comfortably handle temperatures of up to 90 degrees Celsius, ensuring the system remains efficient and reliable – even in the most demanding environments.

  • Compact and powerful: Their compact nature doesn't, however, compromise their ability to deliver clean and pure feed water, making them ideal for systems of all sizes.

RO membranes

MANN+HUMMEL's market-leading RO membranes are a specialized solution targeted at electrolyzer manufacturers for use within their green hydrogen production applications:


  • Reject dissolved salts (ions), particles and organics located within various feed water sources

Desalination membranes

We also offer a comprehensive portfolio of desalination membranes, including our Oltremare RO and MICRODYN RO lines, which are specifically targeted at electrolyzer manufacturers for use within their green hydrogen applications. These high-performance membranes are ingeniously designed to provide clean, high-purity feedwater by effectively removing salts and other contaminants from various water sources.

  • Wide portfolio: Diverse range of options to meet numerous specific requirements

  • Versatile applications: Can be used for electrolyzer feedwater, seawater desalination and the removal of salts and other impurities from a variety of different water sources

  • Customizable performance: Our membranes can be specially tailored to enable you to achieve the desired balance between salt rejection ratio and volume flow

  • Reliable operation: Expertly engineered for durability and long-lasting performance, our desalination membranes help electrolyzer systems maintain consistent, high-quality feedwater supply while keeping maintenance requirements to a minimum.

By leveraging these innovative clean energy solutions, we empower our customers to overcome the challenges they face in energy storage and green hydrogen, ultimately contributing to a more sustainable and resilient energy future.

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Powering a sustainable future with MANN+HUMMEL's green energy solutions

MANN+HUMMEL's energy storage and green hydrogen solutions are instrumental in advancing renewable energy technologies. By integrating our high-performance components, customers invest in systems that drive sustainability and energy efficiency, helping to shape a more environmentally responsible future.

Energy Storage

The energy transition from fossil fuels to renewable sources, such as wind and solar, requires reliable energy storage solutions. This is due to the intermittent nature of renewable energy - the sun doesn't always shine and the wind doesn't always blow. Flow batteries, with their scalability and longevity, are uniquely positioned to fill this gap.

Electrolysis Green Hydrogen

Green hydrogen is produced using renewable energy sources, such as wind or solar power, to electrolyze water, separating it into hydrogen and oxygen. This process is carbon-neutral, distinguishing green hydrogen from other hydrogen types produced using fossil fuels. Its production aligns with the goals of the energy transition, striving to reduce carbon emissions and combat climate change.

Why choose MANN+HUMMEL Water & Membrane Solutions?

  • Consistently reliable system health and exceptional electrochemical performance

  • Best-in-class product match and performance to system requirements

  • Lower TCO (total cost of ownership) with our unrivaled desalination and RO membrane technologies

In addition to its energy storage and green hydrogen offerings, MANN+HUMMEL also provides a wide range of complementary solutions, including ion exchange membranes, ultrapure water systems, demineralized water technologies, and desalination systems.

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MIONEX Membrane