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Life Science Solutions

The life science industry leverages membrane technology across white biotechnology (cell free harvest and fermentation), red biotechnology, and water for injection processes to enhance productivity, ensure product quality, and meet regulatory standards.

The selective and efficient separation capabilities of membranes play a vital role in optimizing these processes, ultimately contributing to the advancement of biopharmaceutical and biotechnological innovations.

Main Markets

pouring drinking water

Water for Injection

Membrane technology is indispensable in the production of high-purity water for pharmaceutical and biotechnological applications. WFI is a critical component in pharma manufacturing and requires stringent quality standards. 


Red Biotechnology

Membrane technology in red biotechnology involves membrane chromatography and filtration techniques. Membrane chromatography employs ion exchange, affinity, or size exclusion membranes to selectively capture and purify biomolecules.

Robot arm with Disposable test tube virus sampling in laboratory

White Biotechnology

Membrane technology is integral to the cell harvest process in the life science industry. Through a selective separation mechanism, membranes aid in the concentration and clarification of cell cultures. This step is crucial in isolating and collecting valuable cells, proteins, or other bioproducts while removing unwanted impurities and debris. 

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