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Life science solutions with advanced membranes for the highest purity

The life science industry currently faces immense challenges in maintaining the highest levels of water purity and quality control across a diverse range of applications – from laboratories and pharmaceutical engineering right through to biotechnology research. Membrane technology has emerged as a pivotal solution to these issues, enabling these industries to enhance productivity, ensure product safety, and meet stringent regulatory standards. However, the availability of tailored water treatment solutions prevents damaging consequences. Highest water quality provides product integrity, patient safety, and overall efficiency of critical life science operations.

As a leading company in water and membrane technologies, MANN+HUMMEL is uniquely positioned to address the diverse needs of the life science and pharmaceutical industry. With a deep understanding of the sector's unique requirements, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of customized membrane solutions that fully cater to the specific needs of pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, and laboratory applications.

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Advanced life science solutions with membranes and water filtration by MANN+HUMMEL

The life science industry is a diverse and complex landscape, encompassing four primary sub-segments:

  • (Bio)Pharma, which has seen a recent trend towards the fast-growing nutraceuticals market

  • MedTech, serving the medical device and technology sectors

  • Food & Beverage, including the emerging novel foods segment featuring meat alternatives, sugar-free, and flavored products

  • Laboratory, catering to research and analytical applications

Each of these sub-segments presents its unique set of water treatment challenges and requirements, underscoring the vital need for tailored membrane solutions to optimize processes and ensure consistent quality across the life science industry.

MANN+HUMMEL offers a comprehensive range of membrane solutions that cater to the diverse needs of the life science and pharmaceutical industry. These solutions address several critical issues in the sector: 

  • Water for Injection (WFI) Production: Ensuring the highest purity standards for critical pharmaceutical and biotechnological processes

  • Red Biotechnology: Enabling selective capture and purification of biomolecules through membrane chromatography and ion exchange filtration

By leveraging MANN+HUMMEL's unrivaled expertise, life science professionals can unlock the full potential of membrane technology to drive innovation, enhance productivity, and maintain the highest levels of quality and compliance.

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MANN+HUMMEL's unique approach to the life science sector

Our tailored approach is defined by our ongoing commitment to customization and personalized support for each customer's unique individual requirements. That’s why our application engineers work closely with customers to fully understand their specific challenges, requirements, and regulatory environments – ensuring the implementation of membrane solutions seamlessly integrate with their existing workflows and processes.

Whether you require standardized membrane products or are looking to co-develop customized solutions, with our unmatched technical expertise and project support capabilities, we make sure all of your water treatment needs are met with precision and efficacy. Our comprehensive portfolio of membrane technologies, including prefiltration, microfiltration, ultrafiltration, and reverse osmosis can be specially tailored to address the unique demands of your life science application, including lab RO water purification systems and lab water filters to ensure the highest quality purified water for pharmaceutical use.

Why choose MANN+HUMMEL Water & Membrane Solutions?

As a single-source provider, our continuous commitment to the life science and pharmaceutical industry extends well beyond just product delivery. Our multifaceted expertise, encompassing filtration, engineering, and application support, positions us as your number one trusted partner in driving innovation and excellence within your industry.

  • Comprehensive membrane portfolio: Full access to a diverse range of membrane technologies, enabling tailored solutions to meet your specific needs

  • Customization and private labeling: Giving you the flexibility to co-develop custom membrane products or integrate MANN+HUMMEL's solutions under your own brand

  • Technical expertise and application support: Receive guidance from our experienced application engineers, who have access to advanced simulation tools for optimal system design​​

  • Regulatory compliance: Ensuring your water treatment processes fully meet the stringent legal standards required by the life science industry

Our comprehensive portfolio and personalized support are designed to help you stay well ahead of the curve and consistently deliver exceptional results within the ever-evolving life science landscape, ultimately contributing to the further advancement of biopharmaceutical and biotechnological innovations.

In addition to its life science solutions, MANN+HUMMEL Water & Membrane Solutions offers a broad portfolio of water solutions and process solutions for a wide variety of other industries. By choosing MANN+HUMMEL as your partner, you can instantly unlock new levels of efficiency, quality, and innovation, firmly positioning all of your life science operations for long-term success and growth.

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