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Food Process

Membrane processes have become significant in the food industry, primarily due to their ability to separate, concentrate, and purify components in various food applications.

MANN+HUMMEL’s extensive experience along with a commitment of product innovation creates an ideal partnership for companies looking to improve their bottom line. 

Main Applications

Protein Process

Membranes are widely used to separate, purify and concentrate proteins to obtain high-quality products. MANN+HUMMEL’s TurboClean DS, RO, NF, UF and MF sanitary products are ideally suited to optimize performance. Built to the highest quality standards,  MANN+HUMMEL’s process spirals are backed by a long history of quality and innovation.

Sugar Process

Whether removing impurities or isolating specific compounds, membranes play an important role to produce high-quality products. MANN+HUMMEL TurboClean hard shell design can withstand the most demanding environments while reducing energy costs.

Product Highlights

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