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Seccua SH20




Seccua SH20 is the perfect addition to the Seccua UH15 ultrafiltration, offering high efficiency removal of harmful soluted pollutants, and optimum drinking water quality throughout the whole house.

Although Seccua SH20 high-quality media filter can be used as a standalone, it is highly recommended always to be combined with an UH15 in order to also have a complete protection against bacteria, parasites and viruses.

Gold water faucet in the kitchen of a modern, brightly lit suburban upscale farmhouse.
  • Removes odor and improves water taste
  • Reduces pesticides
  • Reduces PFAS/PFOS
  • Reduces up lead
  • Excellent absorption performance due to long contact times
  • The Seccua UH15 app gives notifications about the status of the filter.


Hands catching clean falling water close up
  • Removes chlorine and chloramines
  • Reduces hormones and pharmaceutical residues
  • Reduces up plasticizers
  • Essential minerals such as calcium and magnesium are retained
  • Very low pressure-drop offers uncompromised water supply
  • 3-way valves offer quick and easy cleaning when one is required


Combine it with UH15 ultrafiltration system

Seccua UH15 ultrafiltration system
  • Water treatment without chemicals
  • Protection against pathogens
  • Simple installation
  • Low power requirement

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